Welcome to Kids and Values!

Having your kids grow up with good strong values seems to be the desire of most parents that I have met. It certainly was the desire of my wife and myself. This is how my adventure with teaching values began. When my son was 3 years-old, I jumped on him for telling a lie. My wife asked me if he really knew what he had done. I did some research and found that telling the truth was a value that is often not understood by children until around age 6. I had never had a course in teaching values, but I had a good education and had been brought up in a great home. I didn’t know, however, that some values were not understood by a child until they reached a certain age or maturity. I felt that others probably had similar gaps in their understanding of how to teach good values to their kids.

From this initial experience grew a team of moms and dads, child psychologists, early childhood educators, and more. We researched how children learn values and the ages at which they learn them. We also developed a series of tools for teaching values to kids: parent guides, videos, DVDs, music, CDs, puppets, curriculum, and more. Any material involved with values needs a basis and we have chosen the Bible as the basis.

Here is a quick guide to the website:

  • Why Teach Values
    Values are caught AND taught. As parents we need to be models but also proactive in teaching values to our kids.
  • Lessons
    Each section focuses on how a child learns specific values, the age that they learn them, and activities you can do with them to help that learning process for your kids. There are 6 values in the section now and more will be added each month.
  • Materials to Help: Activity Sheets
    Kids learn in different ways. Some are visual learners, others audio learners, etc. For those that like activity sheets there are 20 downloadable activity sheets that you can give to your child to reinforce the learning process.
  • Materials to Help: Child Development Info
    Characteristics of kids from 3-5 and 6-8 that could be helpful in understanding how to work with your child in teaching values.
  • Quigley’s Village Store
    There are 22 DVDs in the Quigley’s Village series. Each DVD focuses on a different value:  kindness, sharing, telling the truth, and more. The programs entertain children, teach them values, and also provide an opportunity for parents to discuss values with their children. 16 of the DVDs are in both English and Spanish.

Thank you for coming to the site. Come back again. We will be adding more content each month.