Noah Obeyed Song

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God said, “Noah, build me an ark. 
Cut down the tree, peel off the bark. 
Build it so high, so long, and so wide. 
Then gather all the animals and get ’em inside.”

And Noah obeyed. 
Noah obeyed. 
Noah obeyed. 
Noah obeyed.

Yet everywhere that Noah looked, 
the only water was a little brook, 
and it had not rained for many a day, 
but Noah didn’t mind; he did his work anyway.

People came from miles around 
to see the ark, now bigger than a town. 
They laughed, and stared, called him names and jeered. 
But Noah didn’t care; he worked year after year.

The animals they came on two by two; 
elephants and antelopes and kangaroos. 
When Noah’s family was all on board, 
Noah said, “Good-bye,” and he sealed up the door.

Before very long it began to shower. 
The thunder crashed with a terrible power. 
The brook overflowed and the water grew high, 
but Noah and his family and the animals were dry.

Can we be like Noah? 
Do what God wants us to do? 
Though we are not sure at all 
if the rain will start to fall.

For forty days they stayed cooped up, 
’til the boat bumped bottom on the mountaintop. 
Tears of joy Noah’s family cried. 
The animals are happy and multiplied.