Child Development: 3-5 Yr. Olds

3-5 Year Olds: Characteristics

  • Active
  • Curious about things and people
  • Questions “how?” and “why?”
  • Imaginative: may have imaginary companions; imitate adults in play
  • Short attention span; able to wait for short periods; starts things but may not finish
  • Sociable; younger child play alone well; beginning to play well with other children, but is self-assertive
  • Developing language skills; uses short sentences; talks; tell stories; invents meaningless words of many syllables
  • Establishes self-concept; wants to be included: “me, too”
  • Devloping initiative; likes to help, such as run simple errands; takes some limited responsibility for staying within bounds and putting toys away
  • Needs to feel safe and secure; responsive to adults; enjoys their approval
  • Developing at individual rates; children of same ages may be at different stages in development of language, social skills, and cognitive ability
  • Learns through all senses

3-5 Year Olds: Appropriate Concepts

Concepts About God:

  • God made all things
  • God made me
  • God cares about me
  • I can sing and talk to God

Concepts About Jesus:

  • Jesus is God’s son
  • Jesus was once a child, growing as other children grow

Concepts About the Bible

  • The Bible is a special book
  • The Bible is a book of true stories
  • The Bible tells about God and Jesus

Concepts About the Church

  • We talk and sing about God
  • We have happy times at church

Concepts about their Church

  • I can feel secure here because I can understand what is expected

Concepts About their Self:

  • God loves me just the way I am
  • God wants me to be kind, loving, and thankful

Concepts About Others:

  • Some children may appear different, yet they are alike in some ways – all are loved by God, and we should love them too

Concepts About the World:

  • God’s world is beautiful