In Today’s Society, children have so many avenues of learning about life. Movies, Entertainment, the Media play such a large part in the developing the attitude and character of young individuals and sometimes the values conveyed through such channels are not very moral.

In an effort to combat these values, it is important that you as a parent take the time to teach your children what you consider to be honorable values. This site was created to help you along that process. I have identified particularly important strong values that you may want to impart on your children. In addition, I have set some instructions on how you might go about to teach your children those particular values.

6 Characteristics of Healthy Families

Values are caught much more than they are taught. There needs to be a consistency between the teaching values to your kids and living out those values.

The overall environment is extremely important. There are many ideas about what makes a good family and a good environment for kids. The best work that I have seen was not based on theory but on researching strong healthy families. The research study was done by Dr. Stinnett at the University of Nebraska and Oklahoma State University. They identified 3000 strong healthy families and then tried to find the areas of commonality amongst those 3000 families. Having identified 3000 strong, healthy families they looked for characteristics that were common among the 3000 families. They identified 6 characteristics.

  1. Expressing Appreciation
  2. Good Communication
  3. Commitment
  4. Religious Involvement
  5. Spending Quality Time Together
  6. The Ability to Deal with Crisis Situations