Child Development: 6-8 Yr. Olds

6-8 Year Olds: Characteristics

  • Active
  • Curious about things and people
  • Questions “how?” and “why?” and “what about me?”
  • Imaginative; enjoys stories about animals, trains, fire engines
  • Lengthening attention span; interested in following through, but attention span may still be short
  • Sociable; plays well with other children; sense of property rights; rules are meaningful
  • Developing language skills; talks; tells stories; tends to exaggerate
  • Establishing self-concept; pride in independence; rebels if interfered with
  • Developing initiative; more independent for washing, dressing, eating, household tasks; takes more responibility for staying within bounds and putting toys away; beginning to develop judgment
  • Needs to feel safe and secure; responsive to adults; seeks their approval
  • Developing at indvidual rates; children of same ages may be at different stages in development of language, social skills, and cognitive ability

6 – 8 Year Olds: Appropriate Concepts

Concepts About God:

  • God uses other people to care for me
  • God hears me when I pray
  • God knows what is best for me

Concepts About Jesus:

  • Jesus loves me
  • Jesus is my friend

Concepts About the Bible

  • The Bible is God’s Book
  • The Bible tells me the right things to do

Concepts About the Church

  • The church is where we learn about God
  • God’s helpers work here at church
  • I can help at church
  • I can bring gifts here to show I love God

Concepts About Family:

  • God gave me my home and family
  • God uses other people to care for me

Concepts About Themselves:

  • I can help at home
  • God wants me to share with others
  • Gods wants me to be helpful and honest

Concepts About Others:

  • Some children do not know about God
  • I can pray for people who tell others about God
  • I can give money to help people tell others about God
  • I can understand the behavior of other children
  • Some things are true and some things are not
  • Learns through all senses